Frequently Asked Questions
Most of the C2C Trail is accessible at all times, save for selected parks and gardens which are closed at night. For example, some Nature Parks are closed from 7pm to 7am, while the Singapore Botanic Gardens is closed from midnight to 5am. These hours will apply during any special events period as well. You can check the opening hours of parks and gardens on the NParks website at
The mobile app is available for download and use by anyone in Singapore.
The app is free - no payment is required.
There are no in-app purchase options in the app.
You can submit a report via the in-app feature at Me->Settings->Report a Problem.
You are able to access the Trail by bicycles, however there are certain stretches that require you to dismount and push your bicycle. We highly encourage you to explore the Trail on foot to enjoy the full experience of the Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions
The app is available for mobile phones which use either the Android operating system (OS) or Apple’s iOS. For those on Android OS, the minimum required version is Android version 6.0 and above (API 22). For those on iOS, the minimum required version is iOS 10.3 and above.
The app will not run in the background. However, it will remain open until you actively close the app. We are unable to advise on whether the app will drain your mobile phone battery.
You will still receive push notifications in your inbox even when the app is not turned on.
The app will not be able to function without WiFi or 4G/3G connection.
The GPS function should be enabled to best enjoy the features of the app as many of the features (eg. navigation) are tagged to your location.
You will be able to view your location on the homepage map and navigate back to the C2C Trail but the other features will not be available.
As the system discovered irregularities with your mobile device, access to the app will be limited. We would encourage you to switch to another device to be able to gain full access to all the app features.

Frequently Asked Questions
As long as you are registered with the C2C mobile app, you are automatically a participant of the point accumulation programme.
“Flowers” is our name for points, which are accumulated by you when using the C2C mobile application. You can accumulate these points as long as you use the C2C mobile app, even during non-special event days. Accumulated Flowers can be used to redeem chances to win attractive prizes during C2C Special Events.
Flowers received will be converted to winning chances when you participate in a C2C Special Event. For example, a user can redeem 1 winning chance by converting 1000 Flowers to 1 winning chance during the special event. So, if you have accumulated 2000 Flowers, you can redeem your flowers for 2 chances to win the prizes. The exact number of chances you can redeem with Flowers will be released closer to the event date. Stay tuned!
You can earn Flowers by exploring the C2C Trail and using certain features and functions of the app, such as:
  • Daily visits to the Trail
  • Visiting checkpoints along the Trail
  • Completing quests at checkpoints
  • Searching for Hidden Fruits that may appear in randomised locations daily
  • Uploading and sharing photos
  • Daily visits to the Trail – 10 points
  • Visiting checkpoints along the Trail – 0 points for the first checkpoint, 50 points for each subsequent checkpoint
  • Completing quests at checkpoints – 50 points per quest
  • Searching for Hidden Fruits that may appear in randomised locations daily – 10 points per fruit and 15 points per bonus fruits
  • Uploading and sharing photos – 5 points per post (up to 10 points daily)
You can write in to or submit a feedback via the app: Me->Settings->Report a Problem

Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the special events that will be held include lucky draws.
Lucky draws will be held during special events. More details will be released nearer to the special event. Do keep a look out for it!
More details will be released nearer to the special event.
The lucky draw will be held at NParks Headquarters at Singapore Botanic Gardens.
Please see the Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to the lucky draw.

Frequently Asked Questions
You may tap on any point or checkpoint along the Trail that you see on the mobile app and the app will activate OneMap to provide directions and instructions.
You will be re-directed to OneMap’s mobile webpage.
You will not be able to use the app as a navigation tool to other parts of Singapore as the app is curated specifically to access the C2C Trail.
You may use other apps, however navigation along the trail may not be accurate. You will also not be able to enjoy the functions of the app, such as collecting Rewards points.
The route is an offshoot of the C2C Trail to take users to the newly opened Round Island Route node at Rower’s Bay. The app may be extended to include other park connectors in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
Anyone who has registered to use the app will be able to view the photos.
You may flag out photos by tapping on the top right corner of the photo and clicking on 'Report Post'.
It will not work as uploading and sharing of photos can only be used when you are along the Trail.
You may delete them under the ‘Me’ tab by clicking on the photo and tapping on the ‘Delete’ option on the top right dropdown menu.
Your photos will remain in the app unless you delete them.
Yes, you may share your photos on your social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Checkpoint locations are shown on the homepage map feature of the app.
There is a physical signboard at each Checkpoint location and there are instructions on how to activate certain features of the app.
You can repeat the quests as many times as you wish, however Reward points will only be awarded once every 24 hours.
The AR scanner can be accessed via the ‘Explore’ tab. Click on the Camera icon on the top left, find the ‘scan’ icon on the top right and click to scan.
The C2C Trail provides a curated walking experience and is best enjoyed on foot, as it may be dangerous to use the app while cycling or while riding personal mobility devices. To encourage you and other users to walk the C2C Trail using the app, the checkpoints and time restriction have been spread out accordingly based on average walking speed.
You are encouraged to use the app to explore the C2C Trail on foot for the best experience.
Your app should be left open so that you can find Hidden Fruits in order to gain more reward points.
There will be C2C Trail signs and each Checkpoint will be demarcated with a specific sign as well. =You can also use the app to navigate to the Checkpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions
The “Places of Interests” feature carries information about the attractions and tenants that are located along the Trail. You can find out more about these places and get directions via the app.
The app only features Points of Interests that are found along the C2C Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions
You may receive updates on upcoming events, F&B promotions, invitations to participate in special app events and more.
You are not able to send messages to other users.
You are not able to disable any of the features within the app.

Frequently Asked Questions
The app will occasionally feature special events which all users can participate in. These special events may be in conjunction with festivities, national celebrations, and partner promotions. Such special events may include lucky draws and competitions and may use Flowers . More details will be released nearer to the special event.
All registered users are eligible to participate in the special events.
Announcements will be made via several channels such as the NParks Facebook page and in-app notifications.
The duration of each special event may vary and will be shared when the event is announced.
Special events provide you and other users with different ways of experiencing the C2C Trail. It also encourages you to visit our parks and green spaces more frequently and lead a more active lifestyle.